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About YOC

YEAR OF CONFESSION from Long Island NY, writes heavy music with a creative mix of melody and groove. Their intense live show (featured in REVOLVER MAGAZINE), coupled with lyrics that evoke hard times and inspiration, leaves a lasting impression. Well described as a unique brand of Metal, Rock, and Hardcore music influenced by multiple artists & genres, their songs depict trying times they have each endured which has become somewhat of a calling card. YOC has built a strong core fan base that has stuck by them over the years, and for good reason.


YOC was started by guitarist Daniel Buckley, bassist Joseph Micolo, drummer Steve Simari, and later joined by John Alaia on vocals. After playing for a few years, they solidified their sound, settled on the current name, and released their Lightbulb demo in ‘04. The self-produced and recorded Cycles Of Man EP (‘05) and single "We Will Overcome" (‘06) was released after recruiting long-time friend Brian Calhoun on drums. In 2007, the band released A Blood Decree (EP) which featured a refined & direct approach to their music. This album showcased a more mature writing ability & a re-recorded fan favorite song. Over the past several years there has been a hiatus, some select performances, and new material written.


As of 2022, their music can be found on all major streaming services & plans are in the works for future developments.


YOC has made a mark in the music scene sharing the stage with UNEARTH, ALL THAT REMAINS, THE ACACIA STRAIN, IT DIES TODAY, TRIVIUM, SHAI-HULUD, THE END, DOPE, THE SLEEPING, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, and CARBOMB just to name a few.

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